Greenhouse Program


Modern intensive agriculture takes into consideration the needs of the plant and the desire of the grower for maximization his yield while decreasing the amount of pesticides and herbicides consumed. Controlled agriculture environment provides the optimal answer to meet world required standardization.

Greenhouses provide a variety of solutions for farming challenges such as heavy rains and storms, pest control and temperature fluctuations during winter and summer months. Utilizing greenhouse agricultural techniques enable year around production in addition to controlling harvest yields according to the local or global market demand. These controlled harvest cycles are made possible by using different types of Greenhouses/Net-house that will be presented in the program.

Program Description

The greenhouse program designed for small holders as well as to commercial greenhouse growers. The information presented will be the latest information on pest management, growing practices, and business management. Topics were selected based on challenges local growers are facing in Nigeria.

Program Participants

This seminar is designed for official and professionals involved in the planning, design, operation and management of greenhouse projects; personnel that involved in small holder greenhouse systems and personnel that involved in large scale commercial development projects.